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Each week (or so) we showcase an awesome youth group that we are collaborating with on behalf of our clients. This week we’ve spoken to Rebecca Angell who is the President of NUDance for 2018-19, to find out more about who they are, and how they’ve racked up so many awards- including Nottingham Uni’s Best Society 2018!

The brains behind the group

The idea for NUDance came from the demand of high quality dance classes for those who wished to pursue an academic degree, but didn’t want to part from their childhood hobby. We’re also a means of exercise for those who do not wish to commit to a sport, or not typically ‘sporty’ but want a more flexible hobby which is open to all.

Why are you different?

NUDance is open to all, with varying levels of commitment depending on how much an individual wishes to take part. We have open and beginner-advanced classes in others to maximise inclusivity.

What’s your best achievement to date?

In 2017/18 we brought home a record 20 trophies from three competitions

including an unbeaten routine in the Wildcard category. We also received a highly commended certificate in the ‘Best Society’ category at Societies Ball 2018, making us the second best society of the year of over 250.

What would you do with £1000?

With £1,000 we would reduce the costs of competitions for our members, which even with subsidies, costs each member over £120 in one year. This would make joining us more accessible and inviting.

NUDance in 3 words