Student Showcase: Young Sounds DJ Competition DJ AC

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Student Showcase: Young Sounds DJ Competition DJ AC

Last summer TOTUM partnered with Co-op to launch the Young Sounds; a new DJ competition for student DJs of all genres to display their skills and perform a set at the 2022 Co-op Festival Store at Reading and Leeds Festival. Student DJs from across the country submitted their mixes. Industry professionals shortlisted 10 who made it as finalists, with the top 4 winners decided via a public vote hosted on the TOTUM website.

Amongst the 10 finalists were DJ AC (Euann) who played at Co-op’s Leeds Festival Store. We caught up with him to talk about the experience and what he’s been up to since.

Hype: How did you come across the young sounds competition opportunity and how did you find the application process?

DJ AC: I was approached to apply, I had posted some clips of my mixes on TikTok and Instagram and over some time I had a few comments and DM’s saying id be a good fit. Funnily enough, in the beginning, I thought it was a scam but I applied with a few mixes.

Hype: How would you describe your style of music?

DJ AC: Vibey, can be intense and uplifting because I bring the energy and lift everyone up.

Hype: Can you tell me about the djing experience at Leeds, how did you feel when you found out?

DJ AC: when I found out I’d won I didn’t believe it. When I had made the mixes I was going through a tense time at work so I took a week off, I had made about 20 10-minute mixes but I applied anyway and won! Then I went to the Leeds festival, it was kind of – not overwhelming – I was happy but there was a little bit of nervousness there. About 10 minutes into the set I was in my normal flow, it was a surreal experience and the first time I’d taken a big step forward in my DJ career so it was a sense of achievement and nervousness at the same time.

Hype: Was this the most prominent venue you’ve performed at or was it one of many?

DJ AC: So far in terms of events, it’s probably the biggest event so far. Right now in Sheffield, I’m slowly breaking in, I’ve worked a few events now with a good friend whos a resident in the city and he’s bringing me along, showing my face so everyone slowly starting to recognise my face. For example, when he goes to the toilet I hop on for abit and I see heads start spinning wondering “who’s that? Who’s that?” so more people get my Instagram. It’s all quite fun to be fair. There’s something for everyone in Sheffield, indy, house and rap.

Hype: What’s your go-to song on a night out that will make you run to the dance floor?

DJ AC: ahh there’s a few! K Trap – Warm, probably Pop Smoke – Dior as well and then Last last – Burna Boy, anything along those lines.

Hype: With the next round of applications open, what advice would you give to young DJs hoping to enter?

DJ AC: Don’t give up, keep pushing content out there so you have a portfolio to work with. Don’t be afraid to speak up, talk and network or approach people to get more people to see your stuff. And stay consistent with it. Sometimes it takes a while to get through to people but don’t lose hope. The other week, I was out with a DJ friend who knows everyone and I’m trying to get to know everyone, so I asked him if I could jump on for 10 minutes and then 10 minutes turned into an hour. I ended up filling up this bar on a Sunday night just playing bangers! The manager was happy, we talked about sorting out a job.