Spotlight: Em Davies – Cardiff City Manager

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Spotlight: Em Davies – Cardiff City Manager

We love giving students opportunities to gain valid and exciting work experience, whilst maintaining their studying at their university. We’ve shown you our brand ambassadors, but now it’s time to showcase one of our City Managers, Emily Davies. Our city managers work across UK universities to make sure our campaigns run smoothly, and that we get the best brand ambassadors on board.

HYPE: Hi Em, tell me a little bit about yourself?

EM: My name’s Emily, and I’m going into my second year of Human Geography at Cardiff University! Outside of uni work I also love music and performing, and I am the President of the A Cappella Society.

HYPE: Amazing, What made you choose your course, and does it discuss sustainability at all?

I chose this course as I love learning about the interactions between humans and the environment! My favourite modules so far have been ‘Border Spaces’ and ‘Living with Environmental Change’. The environmental change module heavily focuses on Climate Change, human development and different approaches to socio-ecological systems, narrowing in on sustainability.

HYPE: Have you found you’re more conscious of sustainability after studying your course?

EM: I think I’ve always been pretty conscious towards sustainability on a personal, smaller scale, but I think I’ve discovered just how important it is on a world wide scale!

HYPE: What does your role entail?

EM: My role basically entails overlooking brand ambassadors during a campaign, as well as getting involved in those campaigns to make sure that they run smoothly and go to plan! I also have to help find people to take part in various focus groups.

HYPE: How did you get involved with Hype as a City Manager?

EM: I was originally a brand ambassador for one of Hype’s campaigns with Co-op! I really enjoyed it so applied to be Cardiff’s City Manager after I heard about the position being advertised!

HYPE: What’s the best part of being a City Manager?

EM: My favourite bit is getting to work with loads of different brands! It’s really interesting getting to look from the inside out!

HYPE: Finally, describe your role of City Manager in three words?

EM: Diverse, innovative and rewarding!