Society Showcase: University of Hertfordshire Sci-fi and Horror Society

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Society Showcase: University of Hertfordshire Sci-fi and Horror Society

National Science Fiction day falls this month, the unofficial holiday marks the birthday of famed Sci-fi writer, Isaac Asimov, writer of I, Robot which was later adapted for the cinemas starring Will Smith. To mark the occasion, we talked to Jack from the University of Hertfordshire’s new Sci-Fi and Horror society, about what they’re up to this month.

Hype: Hey Jack! Can you tell me a little about yourself and the society you’re a part of?

UH Sci-fi & Horror Society: My name is Jack, and I’m a third-year student studying a Bsc in Music composition for film and games and am also the chairman of the Sci-fi and Horror Society at the University of Hertfordshire.

The Society was officially approved back in late October (on my birthday actually) with it taking a while to sort out all the paperwork and go through training. But we are now ready to go and very excited about the year to come…

Hype: What made your group decide the University of Hertfordshire finally needed a sci-fi and horror society?

UH Sci-fi & Horror Society: To be completely honest, the main reason our society exists is that I got bored! You could say another reason for its conception was the lack of big student-led events on either of the campuses (if there were, they weren’t being advertised). Yes, there are always small get-togethers and the occasional charity fundraising stalls, but nothing with a lasting impact. Our committee and I, felt like there needed to be something for people to remember. Something awesome… something fun. And what creates the most thrills and lasting interest? Horror and Sci-fi! Arguably the 2 most creatively engaging and thought-provoking of all the genres.

Hype: With national sci-fi day falling on the 2nd of January, did you have anything planned to celebrate?

UH Sci-fi & Horror Society: Alas, we did not. Not all of us were back on campus at that point and the SU (Student Union) was closed until the 3rd so we wouldn’t have been able to get permission to do anything (love me some red tape! Lol)

That being said, I’m sure our upcoming plans will more than makeup for it…

Hype: What kind of activities and events are in the books for 2023?

UH Sci-fi & Horror Society: Oh, but that would be telling!! What I can say is we will be having our first public appearance on the 25th of this month at the Uni’s Re-Fresher’s fair, whereby we will be doing some face painting for new members and holding a raffle where you could win a plethora of merchandise from everyone’s favourite Sci-fi and Horror franchises. My treasurer, who is incredibly skilled at sound production and synthesis, has also designed a Ring modulator for the event so that attendees can have a go at voicing none other than the Daleks from Dr Who!

In terms of the rest of the year? Hmmm, I don’t know if I should say. It may spoil the surprise(s)… We may decide to invade campus with triffids or host a quiz night at the alehouse (student bar), perhaps there may be the odd zombie apocalypse or maybe we may invite a few VIP guests to movie watch along.

Who knows… Well, I do, and I can promise it will be magnificent.

Hype: If the UH Sci-Fi and horror society had to vote on their favourite horror franchise, what would win?

UH Sci-fi & Horror Society: Now this is a difficult one. Our treasurer says “Alien”, while our inclusion officer proclaims “Final Destination”, and our secretary argues “The Conjuring”. I personally don’t know what I’d choose. I know what my favourite horror films are (“Rosemary’s Baby”, “The Shining”, “The Hunger”) but when it comes to a single franchise … I don’t know, I’ll go with my Treasurer’s pick, “Alien”.

Hype: How can University of Hertfordshire students find your society and get involved?

UH Sci-fi & Horror Society: Students will be able to find us on our Instagram @uh_scifi.and.horror.society or through the SU website on the society page by searching on the list of societies: Sci-fi and Horror.

Membership costs £4 per year if you’re a student and £6 if you’re a non-student, which will get you FREE/reduced entry to paid events, early access to selected events, extra merchandise (once we sort out our merch) and FREE meet-and-greets when we have any VIP guests.

A link to our sign-up page is in our insta bio.