Society Showcase: Southampton Solent Radio Sonar

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Society Showcase: Southampton Solent Radio Sonar

To kick start freshers week we’re talking to societies all over the country to gather their top tips for your first year and give an insight into their experiences being part of a society.

Last month, we spoke to Ethan, the president of the 20-minute society in Newcastle. He spoke about some of the unique challenges his group take part in as well as some tips for joining a society and life as a fresher. This week we spoke to Zinnia of Radio Sonar at Solent Southampton about the different opportunities being part of the society has brought.

Hype: Hey Radio Sonar, can you tell us a bit about yourself and your role in radio sonar society?

Radio Sonar: Hi my name is Zinnia, I’m the station manager of Radio sonar. That basically means that I’m in charge. I’m in the third year of my Fashion Media degree.

Hype: What was it about the society that made you want to join?

Radio Sonar: Radio is something that I’ve always thought I could do. I used to listen to a lot of it as a teen in secondary school, when I got to college and started looking at potential courses, I didn’t really see a radio-based degree that I could see myself in. It wasn’t until the online freshers fair that I found out there was a Solent radio station, I thought this was something I can do for fun. As the years have gone on it’s become something I can see myself doing after I graduate and that’s something that I’ve enjoyed about it. I’ve connected with a community across the UK who also have a passion for radio and that feels really nice.

Hype: I know this year you had your own segment on Sonar Radio, what was your favourite part of that?

Radio Sonar: I actually had 4 shows over the past year! two in semester one and two in semester two. Both semesters I had a co-host and although I love hosting shows alone, having the studio to myself and playing whatever music we have, I do love doing shows with someone else, it’s so fun. The craziest stuff happens in the studio when you least expect it. The show has brought me and my co-host closer as friends and there’s something really special about that.

Hype: In April you and other members of the society were able to visit Newcastle for SRAcon, how was it and what did you get up to there?

Radio Sonar: SRA con was really fun! It was really great to meet other people like me who have this passion for radio. I got to meet some really fun people, some amazing producers including  Vick hope, Dev, and a bunch of people from radio who are quite known. The conference gave me a taste of the society we could achieve and that gave me a push forward when thinking of things I could do as station manager, super inspiring. It was loads of fun! If you’re in a society and you have the chance to go on a national trip I definitely recommend going because it’s great to meet students from other universities you wouldn’t normally get the chance to meet.

Hype: If you could have a segment at any radio station, which would it be and what would you play?

Radio Sonar: My dream radio station to have my own show on would be radio 1, whether that’s in the early hours or the breakfast show. The breakfast show is the best show ever! It’s the most listened-to show of the day. If I had a late-night show id just play really chill songs like I’m in an indie movie.

Hype: What advice would you give current freshers on finding and joining a society they like?

Radio Sonar: Try everything! If you at least have a little bit of interest go talk to people at the freshers fair, and ask them what they love about the society, and what the community is like. You can join any society you like, there’s nothing stopping you from joining like 10 to try out then as you find what you’re passionate about you can drop the rest. Joining a society, I think, can help with your degree because it can give you something else to do, something fun that’s not uni work.

Hype: How can Southampton Solent freshers find you guys and join in on the fun?

Radio Sonar: If you go to Solent the best place you can find us is on Instagram (@Radiosonar) alternatively if you’re coming to the freshers fair well be there, come to say hi! We’re really lovely and welcoming, we love getting people involved in radio and we want more people to join.

Hype: What general tips do you have for freshers all over the country starting university this week?

Radio Sonar: Do not be afraid of stuff you’re not used to. A lot of people revert back to themselves when they’re in new situations but university is new for everyone, it doesn’t matter who you meet. Since Covid, university culture has changed so much so remember you’re not alone in experiencing all of this for the first time. Don’t feel like you have to hold on to everyone you meet, only keep a hold of people you connect with because those are the people who will be really meaningful to you. Put yourself out there, don’t be afraid because everyone’s afraid and enjoy the newness, as the years go by the newness will wear off so enjoy it being new.

You can find out more about the 20-minute society through their Instagram and Twitter.