Society Showcase: Breakz DJ Society, University of York

Society Showcase

Student Showcase

Society Showcase: Breakz DJ Society, University of York

July has got us feeling all kinds of FOMO for the festivals we’re missing (Glasto, we wish we could’ve been there). With all the incredible festivals over the summer, we’ve seen some amazing DJ performances. Hype Collective are currently holding a campaign with Co-Op called Young Sounds, a new competition that will offer student DJs of all genres the chance to display their skills, build up their reputation and win a pair of festival tickets and the chance to perform a set in a 2022 Co-op festival store!

We had a catch up with University of York DJ society, Breakz to find out all about being a student DJ and their society.

Hype: Hi Breakz, can you tell our readers a little bit about your society?

Breakz DJ Society: Hey Hype, our society is for everyone interested in DJing, whether they’ve got many years of experience, or no experience at all. We’re a supportive and inclusive network of DJs covering many different styles and with varying levels of experience who are all happy to help pass on their knowledge, and share their creativity.

Hype: What genres of music do DJs in your society cover?

Breakz DJ Society: Most of our DJs play genres like house, drum and bass (aka DnB) and jungle, but we have DJs spanning pretty much all genres, including pop, hard dance, bassline, and more.

Hype: What kind of events have your society members performed at over the years?

Breakz DJ Society: Our members have performed at various festivals and night clubs, including Kuda York, Ziggy’s, BlueBox, Micklegate Social, and Open Decks at the Crescent. We DJ all at sorts of places for all sorts of events!

Hype: What future plans does the society have?

Breakz DJ Society: At Breakz, we want to help everyone who wants to try DJing have an opportunity to learn, and everyone who already DJs to be able to grow and join our network of brilliant DJs. We’re looking to run more events, and grow to be York’s number one point of contact for finding DJs, and then to be the place people go to across the country to find the perfect DJ.

Hype: What has been your favourite thing about the Breakz society?

Breakz DJ Society: For me, it has to be how supportive and fun the society is – it doesn’t matter how much experience anyone has: the more-experienced members help teach the less-experienced members, and also help each other by sharing song recommendations, new techniques, ideas, and more. Everyone is here to help, and everyone is always great to spend time with!

Hype: What would be your dream DJ set?

Breakz DJ Society: Some of our members dream of rocking some of the biggest stages in the world, including Tomorrowland, Ultra, Ushuaia, Defqon.1, Rebel Sound Reunion and more, whereas other members just want to play local gigs and DJ as a hobby. Both are equally valid DJ dreams!

Hype: What were some of the journeys that led members of the society to become DJs?

Breakz DJ Society: Some people have decided to try because they were inspired by other DJs such as Marshmello and Phibes, others because they saw a friend doing it, and wanted to try, and some have fallen into DJing completely by accident! Every journey is unique and special, and at Breakz, we’re just happy to have everyone we do have!

Hype: Finally, for those that are wanting to get into Djing but don’t know where to start, what advice would you give?

Breakz DJ Society: Give it a go! If you’re at the University of York, make sure to join us, and we’ll be more than happy to help you out! You’ll be able to find us at the Fresher’s Fair spinning some awesome tunes, and also on the Student Union (YUSU) website. If you’re not at York, feel free to contact us, and we’ll still be more than happy to give you advice, tips and tricks. We look forward to seeing you soon!

You can find Breakz DJ Society on Instagram here.