Society Showcase: Anglia Ruskin Cambridge African Caribbean Society

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Society Showcase: Anglia Ruskin Cambridge African Caribbean Society

October is Black History Month, a national celebration and acknowledgement of the contributions black people have made in Britain throughout the years. To honour the occasion, we spoke to Tarae from Anglia Ruskin Cambridge African Caribbean Society about how they’re celebrating this month and how you can take part.

Hype: Hey Anglia Ruskin Cambridge ACS! Can you tell us a little about yourself and the society you’re a part of?

Anglia Ruskin Cambridge ACS: Cambridge ACS was a society put together by current students that thought that the black community needed a group to connect and relate to each other. It also was a way as a fresher to meet new people and socialise within the black community. Personally, when I came to Cambridge and saw the society I thought it was a great idea to have that platform to connect to others that were just like myself

Hype: Why is it important that African and Caribbean culture is continually celebrated away from home?

Anglia Ruskin Cambridge ACS: Our identity is our culture. Being able to come together and celebrate each other’s culture is very important as a society we chose to educate as it is key to learning about African and Caribbean culture. Teaching and getting to understand the similarities and differences within our countries I think makes you appreciate where you came from more.

Hype: In honour of Black History month, what kind of events does the society have planned in the coming weeks?

Anglia Ruskin Cambridge ACS: As a society, we currently do not have funding for our events however, the organisers always find ways to bring us together whether that is coming together to celebrate and listen to afro/ bashment music or having chilled events where we are just about to get to know one another. We recently had an event debating current problems within black communities.

Hype: What has been your favourite event so far?

Anglia Ruskin Cambridge ACS: I think the debates were very interesting to see everyone’s opinions on our community. I have definitely enjoyed our socials listening to afro/bashment. Everyone was dancing and having a good time.

Hype: Being part of a society has loads of perks, what’s the best part of it for you?

Anglia Ruskin Cambridge ACS: I think it just gave me the opportunity to find people like me to be able to relate to people with similar cultures as me. Sometimes people don’t have a community. Personally coming from a predominately white area I didn’t have a community to relate to so having such a big group come together is really exciting for me.

Hype: As a fresher at Anglia Ruskin Cambridge, how has being part of ACS helped you socially?

Anglia Ruskin Cambridge ACS: Socially I have met many people and made a lot of friends just from being in the group it’s definitely made me more confident and settled within my university experience and has made me appreciate my culture more.

Hype: Moving away from home can be daunting for anyone, for other freshers joining university this year, what tips would you give them?

Anglia Ruskin Cambridge ACS: Although moving away can be daunting just being confident and putting yourself out there really helps with making friends and just always remembering your family is a call away. I like to remember, I moved for a reason, to better my future. Find something at university that helps you keep your peace and makes you happy and that will help you stay motivated.

Hype: Lastly, If it’s not too late, how can Anglia Ruskin Cambridge students join in on the fun?

Anglia Ruskin Cambridge ACS: Anyone can join at any time the society is very welcoming to everyone!