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Showcase: Wild Magazine

We love our network of societies here at Hype Collective- and we always want to show them off! We collaborate with societies on behalf of our clients and the outcome is always exciting, creative and beneficial for both brands and societies! What is there not to love?

This week, Hype present to you Wild Magazine for an exclusive showcase on how they were founded.

The brains behind the Magazine  

Wild Magazine publishes articles about sustainability and the environment specifically for students, and those on a budget. The magazine was founded by Cass, an eco-fanatic and student at York University.

The concept of Wild is to help students who know very little about the environment to help them begin. Students told Wild that they wanted to live more ethically and sustainably but didn’t know where to begin. Wild gives students easy-to-follow tips and information about sustainable living, as well as an opportunity to write about what interests them.

Cass’ research also found local businesses and ethical enterprises struggled to gain sufficient publicity so made it her mission to feature their favourites and help them gain student customers.  

Wild was started by Cass and a friend creating a website domain ( and setting up social media page for Wild while searching for potential contributors. They received a considerable amount of interest and soon found sufficient contributions to expand. Wild is now home to a team of twelve enthusiasts and have officially launched our website.  

Why are they different?

Wild is the only student magazine devoted to sustainability and ethics. Being student-run ensures all our articles focus on how to implement an eco-friendly lifestyle in a way that works for a student lifestyle (and by this they mean, skint, stressed or short of time!).

Wild is unique in that it is nationally ran by students up and down the country from universities including York, Falmouth and Winchester.  

There are hundreds of individual student initiatives and societies helping the environment at universities across the country – but Wild have that edge. They hope to unify them all as a hub and connect them with an online platform to exchange ideas and read about what other societies are doing; essentially, helping to increase awareness of student initiatives.  

Best achievement to date

In April they received £500 funding from GoThinkBig (O2 Telefonica). The money was used to upgrade the website and for maintenance. The remaining funds will be used for advertisements.  

What would you do with the opportunity to play with £1000?

£1,000 would go towards website maintenance and for a website plan to increase online visibility.  For the exciting part – they would host networking events for sustainable businesses to connect with students interested in working sustainability. Initially this would be a small-scale event in York as many of team are from the University of York, but it would hopefully expand given further interest and funding!  

Wild in 3 words

Skint, sustainable students