Showcase: Goldsmiths Athletics Club

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Showcase: Goldsmiths Athletics Club

We love our network of societies here at Hype Collective- and we always want to show them off! We collaborate with societies on behalf of our clients and the outcome is always exciting, creative and beneficial for both brands and societies! What is there not to love?

We’ve spoken to Sheriffah from Goldsmiths University of London, to find out what makes their Athletics Club tick.

Why do Goldsmiths exist?

I actually started the athletics club in 2017/2018, as a first year! I was lucky enough to receive a sports Scholarship from Goldsmiths as part of their Talented Athlete Programme. As cliché as it sounds, I’m not me without athletics as I’ve trained my whole life, but only recently in the last two years started to train to become professional.

Goldsmiths originally didn’t have an athletics club when I was applying for university, but the other London clubs had great facilities and coaches. I personally felt they just lacked togetherness and reliability, and that’s why I founded Goldsmiths.

Why are Goldsmiths Society different?

Goldsmiths are a brand new club with a lot of potential. What makes us stand out is the fact that the athletes can not only compete as part of the club but are actively a part of how it develops. The collective involvement gives the athletes an opportunity to really make their mark within the club and university.

Best achievement to date

Despite being a new club, we managed to win two gold medals at LUCA indoors and a silver medal at BUCS indoors.

What would you do with £1000?

If I had £1000 to use for the club, I would invest in our personal equipment to use during training. This would enable us to have better strength and conditioning at training sessions and we’d be able to afford a strength and conditioning coach. Athletes that compete at a university level often forget about the importance of training off the track.

What’s your student demographic?

We’re proud to say we have a good split between men and women. Although we’re eager to work on representing a more diverse team in terms of race.

Goldsmiths in 3 words

Potential – Motivated – Fun.