Showcase: Aston Women in Business

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Showcase: Aston Women in Business

We love our network of societies here at Hype Collective- and we always want to show them off! We collaborate with societies on behalf of our clients and the outcome is always exciting, creative and beneficial for both brands and societies! What is there not to love?

The first society to be revealed is Aston Women in Business Society (AWB), Aston University. We worked with them on a recent project with Co-op, helping them secure funding for their society and Co-op leverage their voice on campus.

Why does your society exist?

AWB started up in 2014, when Sharena Sival (founder) realised there was not a society that represented females aspiring to stand out in the working world. Businesses then, and arguably still present today, were and can be seen as male-focused, but attempting to change to recruit more women. This motivated her to address this by creating a society where females at Aston University can come together and feel empowered through connecting with like minded individuals, sharing stories and creating goals to aspire to.

From 2014, AWB have grown strength to strength, increasing in membership numbers (2017 saw 200 students join), to being repeatedly recognised by corporate giants.

2017-2018 saw the committee organise 20 events.

Why are you different?

AWB are not a feminist society (we strongly emphasise this!), we just like to work with female employees from companies to share their experiences and stories to students, as it can be a different perspective. Sometimes, but not always, events will be work experience focused. We run mock assessment centres, insight days, and CV workshops, but we also hold fun socials with companies such as wining and dining and cocktail making.

Best achievement to date?

The society are renowned for hosting a charity Women’s Ball to celebrate International Women’s Day.  The 2018 Ball raised just under £3000 for Birmingham and Solihull Women’s Aid Charity, which contributed to us winning ‘Society of the Year’ at Aston.

If we gave you £1,000 what would you do?

Hold a networking ‘speed dating’ evening inviting top company representatives from different sectors to network and build connections with students- food and drink included for sure! Students can sometimes be shy when it comes to networking with employees, and to say what they really want to ask, so this slightly informal setting may make it easier to boost confidence in students.

AWB in 3 words

Ambitious-Motivated- Ballsy