Apply for The Creator Academy now!

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Apply for The Creator Academy now!


Hype Collective are excited to present StudentUniverse’s ‘Creator Academy’. We’ll be tracking down and training up the best up and coming Travel TikTokers out there. If you’re passionate about travel and want to gain valuable training in content creation and Influencer marketing, this is the opportunity for you!

During your time at the Academy, you’ll receive valuable training from our team on all things TikTok, Reels, Editing and so on.

After you’re trained up, you’ll start creating…

  • Content for paid amplification
  • Content for your own channels
  • Content for StudentUniverse’s own TikTok
  • Content for StudentUniverse’s image and video library, to repurpose on their own channels

We’ll coach you through each area, so that you can refine your content skills and smash it as a travel influencer!

Who we’re looking for: We are looking for talent from all over to represent StudentUniverse’s global market. TikTokers can be based in the UK, US, CANADA, INDIA, EUROPE, AUSTRALIA, but we’re also open to hearing from other parts of the globe!

You’ve got to be passionate about travel, with lots of footage available to repurpose into TikToks for StudentUniverse’s channel.  

When? This project will last from October 2022 to end of May 2023.

Where? Training will be online, but we’ve got a couple surprises up our sleeves during your time at the Academy 😉

Pay: £260 a month

If you’re up for it, Click here to apply and fill out the quick application form. A member of the Hype Collective HQ team will then get in touch with you to talk over the details.

Applications are open now, so go for it, and good luck!