We’re launching a hyper-local student influencer network


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We’re launching a hyper-local student influencer network

Today is a pretty big day in the Hype Collective (virtual) office. We’re launching our student-only influencer network.

We’re doing so because we know influencer marketing can drive genuine value for brands, but far too many agencies in the influencer space are letting their clients down with a lax approach to strategy and measurement.

We want to be different.

Not only is this a hyper-local influencer network, but it’s one that will come with a rigorous and robust approach to measurement and strategy.

This approach has been developed with influencer consultant Sam Cookney, one of the leading strategic minds in the space, and is built on the AMEC measurement principles. These principles are, in our opinion, the gold standard in comms measurement.

Hyper-local engagement

This is a hyper-local service which offers clients better ROI on their marketing spend.

A macro influencer based in Leeds, for example, may not have much influence within Leeds itself, their followers are likely to be from around the world. Students, on the other hand, are influential in specific geographical areas, meaning brands can get direct reach to their target audience.

On top of this, we know that nano and micro influencers offer far better engagement rates than macro influencers. These types of influencers will make up the bulk of the network, meaning this service will be something that can offer hyper-local, hyper-affordable engagement for brands.

Is this as a response to Covid-19? Sort of.

This is a service we’ve been planning since the end of 2019, because we knew it was a service that can offer value to our clients as well opportunities to students – which are the two guiding principles for everything we do at Hype Collective.

We had originally planned to launch this in September, but with lockdown life the new normal, we have been prioritising services that can be delivered without anyone leaving their front door.

Giving something back to students

Every campaign Hype Collective runs gives something back to students, and our influencer platform will be no different. We’ll be offering students the support and training they need and we’ll go above and beyond to help students who are new to the influencer space.

And finally, a word on trust

We know from our clients and prospects that trust in influencer marketing is hardly at an all-time high. But that’s precisely why we wanted to launch this platform.

Simon Lucey, our founder and managing director, puts it best: “Trust in influencer marketing has been eroded by agencies wasting clients’ money running campaigns without intelligent targeting or evaluation. We’re tackling that challenge head-on with a hyper-local approach and rigorous measurement.

“Every campaign we run will be measured with a framework based on AMEC principles. We’ll be the most analytical and, frankly, cynical influencer agency you’ve ever worked with.”

If you are a brand or an agency and you’d like to hear more about our approach to measurement, get in touch hello@hypecollective.co.uk.