TikTok SEO workshop (Weds 7th, 1pm)


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TikTok SEO workshop (Weds 7th, 1pm)

In July a senior VP in Silicon Valley made some rather large waves when he suggested that TikTok was becoming a more popular search engine than Google. The company that exec worked for? Err, Google.

People in PR love to predict the death of something. It makes for a great thought piece, after all.

We don’t think Google is dying.

But there’s a clear trend that the era where there was only one serious search engine in the Western World is coming to an end. And – like any trend online – it’ll be driven by Gen Z.

In this session, we’ll talk through the fundamentals of optimising your content for search on TikTok, covering topics such as:

  • What types of products and services are Gen Z more likely to use TikTok to search for?
  • What type of content ranks well?
  • What are the basic skillsets you and your team need to dominate search position on TikTok?

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