The Work Issue: Call for steering group participants.


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The Work Issue: Call for steering group participants.

We’ve partnered with the Institute of Student Employers and a group of the UK’s leading early careers experts to conduct research into student attitudes towards graduate jobs. This follows up from our first research project, The Travel Issue, which focussed on student attitudes towards the travel industry.

The Work Issue will be discussing the below (although we are open to recommendations for additional themes):

  • Are side hustles preparing young people better for work?
  • Do students with mental health issues feel discriminated against?
  • Is Brexit affecting graduate approaches to the jobs market?
  • The job for life is dead. But is job security a concern for students?
  • Does a student’s moral compass really impact their job hunt?
  • How much do students value soft skills versus their degree?

We are looking to work with a panel of industry leading employers who can help shape the research. So far on the panel we have representatives from Deliveroo, GiffGaff, the Institute of Engineering and Technology, General Assembly with more in the pipeline. We have a couple of spaces left on the panel.

Members of the steering group will be provided with a full copy of the findings and invited to the final presentation in late May.

If you are interested in joining then please complete the below and one of our team will get in touch: