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The Money Issue: Webinar & Research

We’re proud to announce that we’re back with another research piece from our The Issues series. This time, we’ll be taking a deep dive into students’ finances in The Money Issue, you can sign up here.

This time, we’ll focus on student incomes, spending habits, and how these have changed over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic. This two-month research project, involving a survey of 500+ students in the UK, also looks at how students’ mental health is being affected by their money.

The launch webinar will take place on the 28th January 2021 at 10am. It will feature a debrief of the most important insights and student thoughts and two panels featuring industry experts.

Our first industry panel looking at how finances effect students’ mental wellbeing features:

  • Vivi Friedgut, Founder and CEO of Blackbullion

Vivi’s company, Blackbullion, is on a mission to transform next generation finances through financial education powered by financial technology by improving accessibility, addressing matters of social mobility and diversity and supporting mental health. Blackbullion has won many awards including the prestigious Europas in 2020. Vivi is a champion for the UK startup community and an active commentator within the edtech community and is obsessed with empowering people with financial wellbeing believing it is critical to mental and physical wellbeing.

  • Georgie East, Vice President Welfare and Campaigns at Cardiff University Students’ Union

Georgie is Vice President Welfare and Campaigns at Cardiff University Student’s Union. She’s 22 and graduated last year with a degree in Human Geography BSc. She has always been acutely aware and interested in mental health and welfare, and loves being immersed in supporting and aiding students throughout their student life and beyond, especially this year!

  • Marwah El-Murad, Programme Manager (Families, Children and Young People’s Programmes) at Mental Health Foundation

Marwah manages the Mental Health Foundation’s universal and education-based programmes, supporting families, children, and young people to look after their mental health in school, college, and university settings. She manages a suite of projects that build on evidence bases to address mental health inequalities. She is passionate about amplifying service users’ voices and facilitating coproduction to ensure initiatives are service user-led.

Our second industry panel looks at student spending trends during the COVID-19 pandemic and features:

  • Luke Clarke, Senior Media Consultant at UCAS Media

Luke has been working within UCAS for over 6 years across Education, Agency and Commercial Sectors. He has a passion for linking insight and products to create campaigns with real results, whilst using ideas and innovation to think outside the box to exceed on customer expectations.  

  • Harvi Dhamrat, Director of Partnership Development at Future Finance

Harvi has over a decade of experience in senior management roles within Higher Education having spent close to a decade working for numerous universities including Coventry University, where he was actively involved in the growth of Transnational Education Partnerships.  Harvi also led the internationalisation strategy at one of the leading Chartered Professional Bodies in the UK, The Chartered Management Institute, and played a pivotal role in reinventing the partnership engagement strategy which led to significant income growth both in the UK and Globally.

  • Steve Lowy, CEO Anglo Educational Services & Chairman of the British Educational Travel Association.

Steve has 15+ years experience in the youth travel and education space. In a normal year his company, Anglo Educational Services would support over 3,500 international students to visit London. The British Educational Travel Association (BETA) is an umbrella body representing producers and suppliers of youth, student and travel products in the UK.

To sign up to our free webinar and debrief, you can register here.