Parents As Influencers: The Podcast.


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Parents As Influencers: The Podcast.

The Hype Collective podcast is back with a brand new episode, exploring our recent research project – Parents As Influencers! Join your host, Jayne Cullen (our Entry Level Talent Strategist), as she dives into parents’ attitudes towards the current world of work, and their children’s career aspirations. To hear this episode, you can find us on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, SoundCloud, and more.

Our show starts with an overview of the research, discussing the differing opinions of parents and students regarding the current employment market. We also looked at how parents and children view the importance of salary and job satisfaction, as well as any no-go forms of employment. Finally, we introduce the four personas we found when assessing parents involvement in their children’s careers; the supporters, the freedom fighters, the interferers and the blockers.

It’s then time for our brilliant student panel, university students Moni and Gurpal. We asked them about their experiences navigating the early stages of their careers. We also invited them to discuss our four parental ‘categories’, and give them a chance to say whether their parents fit the mould of any persona in particular.

As your final teaser for what’s to come, early careers experts at leading brands are here to talk about how graduate recruiters can involve parents in career planning. Rebecca Carlton (Early Careers Consultant at Marks and Spencer) and Dan Doherty, (Attraction and Recruitment Manager – Early Careers at Capgemini) are to share their stories on the type of parents they’ve come in contact with.

There’s a lot more content included in the episode, but we don’t want to give it all away! So, why don’t you give us a listen? If you like what you hear, share it with your networks.

If this episode interested you, and you would like even more insight into early careers, graduate recruitment, or to simply talk about the findings, be sure to give our host Jayne Cullen an email on