‘Meet the Mentors’: Episode 4, with Georgios Chiotis.


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‘Meet the Mentors’: Episode 4, with Georgios Chiotis.

We are back with the fourth instalment of the Hype Collective Podcast series ‘Meet the Mentors’. We also have yet another guest host joining us this episode – project manager at Hype Collective, Dan Partington. Make sure you check out this episode, and the rest of the series, on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, SoundCloud and more.

Joining us this week is yet another brilliant Hype Mentor, and Brand and Marketing Director of Scape, Georgios Chiotis. We discuss the art of “faking it ‘till you make it”, imposter syndrome and knowing your worth.

We begin with Georgios taking us through his rather vast list managerial responsibilities in Scape. He explains that in order to oversee many facets of marketing, it’s essential that one has at least dipped their toes into these fields and has a desire to understand what different teams are doing. This theme of trying new things in the world of work is touched on often this episode.

We then delve into Georgios’ career history, which is a lot more unconventional than it may seem. With a degree in psychology, he started off working in the NHS before moving into content and fashion marketing, and then eventually into the youth accommodation space which he resides in now. His confidence and complete knowledge in his identity and his self-worth drives him to take every opportunity presented with the knowledge that he can and will achieve.

While taking leaps of faith in his career, Georgios had to learn that failure is a vital tool for learning and growth, not the complete end of the world. He explains how many of fresh graduate prospects view the world of work at large – as a place they are not equipped for, where their mistakes will be on show to the whole organisation at their detriment. This is not the case, at all. In this episode, one learns that ‘failing fast’ is all too important in making tangible industry progress.

We spoke about so much more on this amazing episode, so be sure to listen and share with your networks.

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