‘Meet the Mentors’ Episode 3, with Shanice Mears.


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‘Meet the Mentors’ Episode 3, with Shanice Mears.

Welcome to episode 3 of the Hype Collective Podcast – we’re already halfway through the season! In this instalment, we’re joined by special guest host and managing director of Hype Collective, Simon Lucey. Be sure to listen to us on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, SoundCloud and more.

Co-founder and talent manager of creative agency The Elephant Room, creator of The Guestlist, and fantastic Hype Collective mentor, Shanice Mears joins us this week. We discuss how to manage your time, your budget and your life while “doing the most” in the creative industries.

Shanice takes us through her roles in a large variety of organisations; from creative agency The Elephant Room, to managing online email group The Guestlist, being a member of the Race Disparity Audit Advisory Group, her former role at GUAP Magazine. It is safe to say she does a lot.

As a trailblazer who does so much, Shanice sometimes find herself working from home, juggling her responsibilities whilst preparing for her other engagements the next day. Flexibility of work is very important to Shanice, especially as she lives with narcolepsy, a topic she speaks openly about in this episode.

‘Your network is your net-worth’ is a phrase I learned from Shanice, and it was great to touch on this point when discovering how she got to where she is not. Working smart is key for her – making connections with the right people at the right time, being helpful and fostering those relationships allowed her to grow and flourish in the advertising space.

There are many other key take-homes from this episode, so be sure to listen and share with your networks.

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