‘Meet the Mentors’ Episode 2, with Poonum Chauhan.


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‘Meet the Mentors’ Episode 2, with Poonum Chauhan.

The second episode of the Hype Collective Podcast is out – listen NOW on SoundCloud and be sure to share with everyone you know.

This episode, we spoke to another of our amazing mentors on the Hype Mentoring programme, Poonum Chauhan. She’s the founder and creative director of the all-encompassing agency Moon Creative. We got to chat about all-things creative, coping with the pressures of the industry, and the necessity for industry honesty.

We began as Poonum took us through her day-to-day roles and responsibilities running her own creative agency working across many facets of marketing, advertising, branding and identity. We got to hear more about her ethos of ‘mucking in’ with other members of her agency, which enables her to work in every aspect of the agency. This was very insightful as it reflects the ever-changing world of work, especially in the creative industries.

Poonum spoke openly about the mental health challenges she faced in her career. She acknowledged that the pressure many creatives face to not only treat their job as a passion, but also to continually produce outstanding work, can be both physically and mentally exhausting. This allowed us to delve deeper and discuss honesty; both how to be honest with oneself about what one can and cannot deliver and maintaining honesty with clients when discussing projects and campaigns.

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