Love is on the FYP: seven ways brands approached TikTok this Valentine’s Day


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Love is on the FYP: seven ways brands approached TikTok this Valentine’s Day

There’s nothing sadder than a lonely post on Valentine’s Day.

So how do you cut through and make sure you’re not a lonely heart? By keeping it aligned with TikTok’s key content ingredients: simplicity, creativity and originality.

Here’s a few examples of how brands did just that.

1. Netflix

“I love you. Oh.” These aren’t words you want to hear on Valentine’s Day, but Netflix made them work with a simple love-themed compilation. Netflix are blessed with an absolute a treasure trove of content they put it to work on Valentine’s Day.

2. Moonpig

Moonpig used a simple but effective green-screen style video showcasing their unique Valentine’s Day product offering. Brands are often wary of going to sales-y on platforms like TikTok and Instagram. But, when people are actively searching for what you’re selling, a simple product driven approach can drive views, engagements and sales.

3. Krispy Kreme

Krispy Kreme teamed up with TikTok Athlete Influencer, Tom Trotter to showcase their Valentine’s line of doughnuts. They challenged Tom to run until he gave out 200 doughnuts. A perfect example of connected storytelling and branded content that fits seamlessly into the influencer’s channel.

4. Babyboo

Babyboo has knocked it out the park for this special occasion, collaborating with TikTok creator, Anisha (@nissheeg). Anisha sported Babyboo’s red dress collection on a treadmill, giving the ‘model on a budget’ vibe and ‘strutting, not running’ energy we love to see.

5. Bed Threads

A lot of talk of Valentines, but what about Galentines? Shout out to Bed Threads for stepping away from the stereotypical ‘romantic’ occasion and celebrating friendship by collaborating with interior design lover & influencer (@dustsheets_and_decor) – a perfect match. The influencer created an aesthetic piece of content highlighting Bed Threads’ core homeware products and received high engagement.

6. Visit London

Visit London has nailed aesthetic content and their Valentine’s day content was no different. They worked with a creator who captured moments of “showering their bestie” with love and cupcakes. Beautifully shot content that will make you drool, accompanied by “Sunroof”, that everlasting trending sound you can’t get enough of. Sometimes, simplicity is key.

7. Duolingo

If you know TikTok, you’ll know that Duolingo’s content is insanely funny, and this Valentine’s day was no different.  By leveraging a viral sound for Valentine’s playing on thirst trap trends, Duolingo was created to entertain – both the audience and themselves. The attention to detail was also reflected in the caption with #dulapeep, relating to an ongoing romance between Duo the Owl and Singer Dua Lipa. There’s no one that knows their TT audience better than Duolingo.