Live Focus Group: TikTok Shop


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Live Focus Group: TikTok Shop

Are you considering exploring TikTok shop? Or maybe you’ve given it a go but still early in the journey? We are hosting a live focus group with our student creators to better understand their approach to spending cash on TikTok. We’ll be looking to understand:

  • What products are they buying on TikTok?
  • Are they actually spending significantly on TikTok?
  • How are they making purchase decisions on TikTok?

Our Live Focus Group series is a chance for brands to ask our student creators questions direct. One of the Hype team will lead the questions but brands are free to chip in with their own questions and contribute as we go.

Date: 31st January

Time: 11am

There is limited space with just 3 brand spots available per focus group. Please register your interest below and one of the team will be in touch!