Live Focus Group: Searching out career advice in non-traditional ways


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Live Focus Group: Searching out career advice in non-traditional ways

Careers information isn’t fair. White, middle-class applicants will likely have better support from their networks then those from the global majority or lower socio-economic backgrounds.

Is the key to future fairness socials? Anecdotally we know more young people are searching out career information on platforms like TikTok, YouTube & Instagram. Is this where fair access to careers advice starts? Or are the powers that control the narrative rooted much deeper than that?

This session will give you the opportunity to hear directly from the youth of today on how they are using their socials to explore potential career opportunities. We'll be discussing:

  • Why are people turning to socials for job exploration and discovery?
  • What are they searching for (reviews, personal experiences, job tasters, etc.)?
  • What type of person are they most likely to listen to (entry level vs. experienced)?
  • Do they think this is the start of a fairer future for sharing careers advice?

Our Live Focus Group series is a chance for brands to ask our student network questions direct. One Hype team member will lead the questions, but brands are free to chip in with their own questions and contribute as we go.

Date: Tuesday July 4th

Time: 11am

There is limited space with just three brand spots available per focus group. Please register your interest by emailing and one of the team will be in touch!