Live Focus Group: Searching for health & beauty on TT


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Live Focus Group: Searching for health & beauty on TT

Gen Z are using TikTok as their primary search engine, and they are using it to search out pretty much anything, including health & beauty products.

So, if you have an experience, you want them to see, TikTok is where you should be. But how to make your experience stand out against the rest? Worried you wouldn’t know how to hook them in?

This session will give you the opportunity to hear directly from young people on how they are using TikTok to discover new products.

  • What type of products are most sought out on the platform?
  • How best to showcase the product to capture their attention?
  • What is their onward journey when they find a product they want to know more about?

Our Live Focus Group series is a chance for brands to ask our student network questions directly. One member of our team will lead the questions, but brands are free to chip in with their own questions and contribute as we go.

Date: Tuesday 18th July

Time: 11am

There is limited space with just three brand spots available per focus group. Please register your interest by emailing and one of the team will be in touch!