Knowledge Sharing Sessions: Early Careers Professionals


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Knowledge Sharing Sessions: Early Careers Professionals

It has been a pretty bleak couple of weeks, my thoughts are with everyone who is facing hard times right now.

At Hype Collective we’ve been brainstorming on how we can help the industry through this difficult time. One initiative that we are starting is regular Knowledge Sharing Sessions, virtual workshops for those involved in the student market to share updates/ideas on how they are reacting to the virus. The first will be for early careers professionals.

The thought process was, after speaking to a few clients that the most valuable thing I could offer right now was introductions to each other. There seems to be some amazing stuff happening across the industry and I think it’d be best if we can share it and learn from it.

So far we have representatives from the ACCA, BP, Unlocked Graduates and Heathrow Airport confirmed.

Current topics are:

  • The student view: what your offered students are currently thinking/worrying about. (We’ll carry out a bit of temperature check with our brand ambassadors).
  • Keeping warm: What are employers doing to prevent reneges?
  • Attraction 2020/21: What are the possible scenarios we could be operating under come new academic year?

We are very open to topic requests.

We envisage that each session will be fairly small with circa 5 people per call. We’ll collate all the information from each call and share the write up from each call with participants.

We are looking at running first sessions on the 3rd and 6th of April. If you are interested please drop me an email This session is for early careers employers or industry bodies only.