Introduction to influencers – for early careers professionals.


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Introduction to influencers – for early careers professionals.

The world of influencer marketing has rocketed over the last few years and has become a key tactic within most youth brand’s marketing plans. Companies like Gymshark have been built on influencer marketing – but the world of early careers has been, as far as we can tell, relatively cautious of the new tactic. Often influencers has been stereotyped as just for beauty/fashion brands – but is that the case? Can we really use influencers to try and recruit engineers?!

We’ve now run a series of influencer projects for both consumer brands and early careers recruiters and wanted to share some of the lessons learnt. Throughout the next three months we’ll host sessions to help graduate employers understand:

  • How you can select an influencer.
  • How tracking works (we’ll show you under the bonnet of Traackr the tool we use).
  • Using influencers for brand awareness
  • Using influencers for conversion

This is very much NOT a sales pitch, we’ll let you know the limitations and challenges of the channel as much as the exciting possibilities!

Email if you’d like a place there!

This event is for inhouse early careers professionals only, no agencies, sorry!