Hype Collective Podcast ‘Meet the Mentors’: Episode 6, with Jordan Williams.


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Hype Collective Podcast ‘Meet the Mentors’: Episode 6, with Jordan Williams.

It’s the final episode of ‘Meet the Mentors’ this week – sadly the series is coming to an end. We’ve heard from an array of amazing mentors and had every member of Hype Collective has hosted; it has definitely been fun! We have a great final instalment for you, with just Josh hosting this one, so make sure you check out this episode on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, SoundCloud and more.

This week, the life of a graphic designer is the focus with the Integrated Designer at CreativeDrive, Jordan Williams. We talk about how to be a versatile designer, 9-5 vs freelance and making the most of your career.

We begin with Jordan taking us through his day-to-day in graphic design, which is not as niche as many would believe. He’s spread across many facets of design and dabbles in art direction and videography – he understands and expresses the importance of diversifying your skillset not only as a designer, for anyone in the creative industries.

We also touch on the growing debate about the world of work; 9-5 working vs freelance life. As someone who has done both, he understands the stability and routine a 9-5 can bring to someone in the creative industry, but also exclaims freelancing as a “blessing” when the times are good and when the work is coming in. Freelancers, however, need to have thick skin to deal with the down periods where work may not come in, Jordan adds.

An amazing thing about Jordan is how well his career has progressed since he graduated a mere 5 years ago, and we touch on this during this instalment. He managed to go from a graphic design intern to creative lead in the same company in under a year after graduation. He shares how he made the most of his career right out of graduation.

We spoke about so much more on this amazing episode, so be sure to listen and share with your networks.

To keep up with all that Jordan is doing, be sure to check out his website, and follow him on Twitter and Instagram.

‘Meet the Mentors’ has been a great series, but we still have more content coming your way. To keep up with all we do at Hype Collective, any new Podcast series, and new content, be sure to follow us on Twitter and Instagram, and like our page on Facebook. Until next time.

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