Hype Collective launch exclusive partnership with Black Tech Fest


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Hype Collective launch exclusive partnership with Black Tech Fest

Today, we are extremely excited to announce our exclusive partnership with Black Tech Fest. In the months leading up to the event, we’ll be curating five sessions in partnership with Early Careers Employers, that will fit their C:code stream of content.

For some time, we have actively been looking into launching our own platform which supports black students and their aspiring careers. However, after much thought and consideration, we realised that this was the wrong approach.  

Across the industry, there are tons of amazing initiatives that support young black talent, often run by black owned businesses themselves. Rather than reinventing the wheel (and ultimately establishing ourselves as a competitor for these existing businesses), we’ve decided to partner with them instead.

This, is where Black Tech Fest comes in. To put it simply, they are awesome, and we love what they do.

Black Tech Fest is a movement that in 2020 takes the form of a virtual 4-day Festival that celebrates Black culture, showcases innovation and creates pathways for underrepresented talent. From October 13th- 15th BTF will convene 10,000+ attendees online across 3 anchor events – Belonging, C:Code and the BTF Awards. Our partnership will see Hype Collective curate five sessions within the C:code event for early careers employers.

Previous and current partners of Black Tech Fest include Facebook, Google and Adobe.

Where do we fit in? Well, here at Hype Collective, we’ll have two key responsibilities, niche targeting and content.

Firstly, the targeting. On top of Black Tech Fest’s own marketing, Hype Collective will be creating a bespoke marketing package for each event, ensuring black talent from the employer partners’ target universities attend. In a nutshell, Black Tech Fest look after the mainstream marketing, and Hype Collective look after niche, hard to find applicants from your key campuses.

On the day of the event, Hype Collective will be responsible for all content – whether it’s pre-recorded team interviews, or live. Regardless of format, we’ll host and curate the content to ensure you are represented in the best way possible.

If you are interested in partnering on the event please email hello@hypecollective.co.uk.