Dan Partington promoted to Managing Director


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Dan Partington promoted to Managing Director

Last week marked Dan’s 5-year anniversary at Hype Collective, coinciding with the exciting news of his promotion to Managing Director. I couldn't be more pleased for him.

Dan and I go way back, introduced before Hype even existed (shout out to Clare Tomkins for the introduction, turns out you changed my career).

If a professional relationship is measured by hours on Zoom calls, Dan and I are practically married.

In client meetings, I've joked about my lack of actual expertise in marketing to students, always grateful to fall back on the country's foremost expert — Dan.

So, it feels right to announce Dan's well-deserved promotion today.

I want to acknowledge Dan's unwavering determination and adaptability. We've navigated these "unprecedented times" together, from a small student events company to a “proper player” in the space delivering a broad range of channels into the student market. Whilst I might have got credit in public, Dan's been our go-to person, consistently figuring out how to tackle new challenges. I'm truly grateful for his approach.

This past year brought significant changes to Hype Collective, culminating in our acquisition by Bulla Co this summer. Come January 2024, we'll be operating under a slightly different structure.

While both brands will maintain distinct identities, all consumer influencer activity previously handled by Hype Collective will now fall under Bulla Co. Hype Collective, on the other hand, will concentrate on experiential activity and social content creation for employers.

And as for me? I'm not going anywhere. I'll be stepping into a board role across Hype Collective and Bulla Co, playing a more proactive role in supporting Hype and its future growth.

Here's to 2024,

Simon, Managing Director, (for 3 more weeks).