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Case study: Shell

The Challenge:

Shell run a lot of events to promote their graduate programme.

But they were struggling to get bums on seats consistently. For some of their events, they’d travel halfway across the country to present, and only a handful of students would show up.

They particularly struggled to get in front of a diverse audience, as well as people with a niche STEM skillsets.

Our Response:

We ran a series of talks on campus called Better Future, which made bold predictions about the future of work hosted by careers influencers like Emma Rosen and Dr Osak Esu.

We engaged our network of sports teams and societies to drive their members to a series of events we hosted. We built a platform to host all the events which you can see here.

We incentivised the societies with a tiered sponsorship package, which meant the more members that came to the event, the more sponsorship they’d get.

The Result:

The events were a huge success with nearly 500 attendees.

Not only this, but the crowd was far more diverse, and we were able to drive more attendees with niche, relevant skillsets.

In total we sponsored 32 societies ranging from Manchester Women In Business, Aberdeen Chemical Engineering through to LSE British People of Colour.