Black Tech Broadcasts launch.


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Black Tech Broadcasts launch.

Our recent Early Careers Pulse Check showed that only 10% of Black students attended virtual careers events this term. The gap between Graduate Employers is at risk of growing.

Today we are announcing our Black Tech Broadcasts – a series of virtual events in February 2021 in collaboration with The Guestlist to aim to reduce the gap between the top employers and Black students.

The Guestlist is a community build by Shannie Mears of The Elephant Room. Over the last two years its members have shared thousands of jobs, events and opportunities to a young diverse audience.

The unique thing about The Guestlist is it is self-moderated, the guiding principle is “no value no entry” and each member is responsible for sharing opportunities within the group. There are now over 1,000 members of The Guestlist and 100’s of opportunities are circulated each week.

Shannie will be helping us source the best talent to speak at the event, as well as amplifying the event via The Guestlist.

We’ll also collaborate with leading ACS societies across the Top 30 universities driving a unique, high calibre audience of students.

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