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Another new agency – why?

Yes – there are 100’s of agencies and millions of reasons not to add a new one. Advertising budgets are cut. Facebook and Google hoover up everything. The ads don’t work. Brexit. The robots are coming. Yeah we get it – the advertising industry MAY be fucked.

And yes, we aren’t naive enough to think it won’t be bloody tough. The life expectancy of new businesses regardless of sector seems to be about 25 minutes these days. But we are confident that we are onto something slightly different.

Fundamental to our approach is the two parties that Hype will always exist for. We firmly believe each has an equal influence on the success of the company. These two functions will shape absolutely everything we do.

The first group we exist for are young people. (For us that is roughly 16-25 btw)

Being a young person in the UK these days is, by most metrics, tough. They are the first generation that’ll be poorer than their parents, they’ll be paying off student debts for longer and living with the consequences of political decisions their parents made without their consent.

But young people are bloody brilliant. I’m always astounded by the talent they have and dedication to make it work. The rise of the side-hustle is a phenomenon of the under-25’s. It seems every 18 year old manages a blog, plays in a band and volunteers in a shelter alongside their day-jobs.

Hype Collective believes in the talent of young people- we think today they have more to give brands than ever before. Where we come in is the connections and guidance to make sure they give clients a great service and get a fair return.

The second piece of the puzzle is obvious. The brands, Hype’s clients. Not only do they fund the whole thing (and feed me), but they are the source of opportunities for young people.

We’ll work with clients who care about reaching young people in a genuine authentic way that generates loyalty. They’ll probably be the more open-minded brands who can see the value of marketing with young people as opposed to marketing at them.

Where Hype comes in for the client is our network of young talent and the knowledge of the best way to make that talent fire.

We can’t wait to show you some examples of this talent on fire…