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Adobe Student Marketing

The Challenge

Adobe are a brand with a huge amount of love within the creative community. But step outside that core audience and the understanding of what Adobe can do is limited.

Adobe wanted a student campaign that drove engagement, awareness and – critically – new users from their ‘non-core’ audiences.

What we did

We drafted in the Creative Rebels and worked with them to create the nationwide “Showcase your Passion” tour. We took an interactive hour-long session to campuses teaching students how to make killer content from their passion.

The key? Any passion will do. Cheerleading? Cool. Football? Fine. Fencing – bring it on. We’ll teach you how to create great content regardless.

Each talk was finished with a demo of entry level Adobe products as well as an opportunity to join Adobe as a digital advocate.

The Results

The national tour got an average of 78 students at each event - smashing our KPI of 40 by 95%. This was a massive improvement on Adobe's previous events.

In addition to this, the events drove a massive 33% conversion rate on getting students to download and install Lightroom or Rush, the two products the campaign was designed to promote.